Welcome to Dr. Baumann TV, the site for bionome health and beauty care!

On this site you will find videos that will inform you about our company, our products, beauty, health, nutrition, animal welfare and environmental protection. You will not only find out about the unique qualities of our bionome products but also see why Dr. Baumann SkinIdent is fundamentally different from other cosmetics.

Become acquainted with the philosophy behind Dr. Baumann SkinIdent: "Bionome" stands for our creed that all our products must be skin friendly, animal friendly and environment friendly in order to meet our quality standards. We want you to feel encouraged by the videos on this site to live a better and healthier life by giving your skin the best care possible while gaining a better understanding of animal welfare and environmental protection. You will be surprised how much your everyday life can be improved by a better understanding of these factors.